Spark isn't just about making beautiful layouts.
Here's a complete list of everything going on behind the scenes.



Spark Engine

Introducing Spark Engine, the all new visual framework that powers Spark layouts. Spark's content blocks — the powerful content display frames — are now populated with a massive shared library of visual parameters, settings, animations, and tools. This means better layouts, more design options, faster feature rollouts, and content support for every type of project.

Spark Player for Windows

Spark Player — the client app for player devices — is now available on Windows 10, supporting both interactive and non-interactive screen devices.

Single Installs

We're simplifying Spark Player's deployment with single-installer apps on Android and Windows 10. Just download the app to your device, install, and run.

Device Registration

Registration of Spark Player devices with your Spark CMS account is now done entirely in Spark CMS. Install Spark Player on as many devices as you want, and simply enter the respective pairing codes in Spark CMS.

Calendar Scheduling

Building on Spark's daily content scheduling feature, you can now establish minute-to-minute schedules across weeks, months, and years. The visual calendar editor makes it easier than ever to manage scheduled layouts across devices.

New Content Blocks

Spark now offers over three-dozen content blocks to design the perfect layout. New additions include an assortment of galleries, social media feeds, video streaming options, and data charts.


The new analytics page in Spark CMS provides key business intelligence on how signage screens — a front line of your outreach — are engaging your audience. Proofs of play, content impressions, interactive menu statistics, and more can be learned in the visually-informative dashboard.

Service Integrations

Spark offers brand new content block integrations for your favourite services like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, and RSS. Simply pair your service account to applicable content blocks, and see the live data populate your layout.

Data Integrations

Using a separate database to manage your text and media content? Spark CMS now allows you to read-in and map API data directly, for playback in applicable content blocks.


Custom Layouts

Spark CMS is built from the ground up as a visual layout editor, allowing you to set custom display resolutions, orientations, and place content blocks with embedded content anywhere in your layouts. For the true artists, the ultimate layout can be perfected with dozens of design settings in each content block.

Visual Workflow

Spark Engine powers Spark's WYSIWYG custom layout editor, supporting drag-and-drop design tasks, realtime content transformation, and in-browser previews.

Drag-and-Drop Design

Add content blocks to layouts using easy and intuitive controls. Upload media assets by simply dragging and dropping the file over the browser.

Content Blocks

Spark's layouts are designed with content blocks — display frames that can be dragged & dropped, styled, moved, scaled, rotated, and layered anywhere on screen. Our selection of over 30 content blocks — including staples like text, galleries, social media, live TV, buttons, and weather — allow you to design without limitation.

Content Block Modification

Have a social media content block that you wish could transition to a video playlist? Want your tickertape to act as an interactive button? With Spark Engine, anything is possible. Content blocks can be modified in their settings menu to combine and incorporate all the underlying features of any other content block. The possibilities are endless.

Layout Management

Layouts can be named, organized, duplicated, deleted, and assigned to specific devices. Design settings allow you to set the layout resolution - which includes orientation and aspect ratio.

Asset Management

Add assets like images, videos, and PDFs. These files can be uploaded directly within the content block settings and managed with a folder system in your unlimited online storage. When uploaded, files are automatically optimized with resizing and filetype conversion to look the best on all devices.


Localize your layouts to any language using hundreds of web-friendly, multi-lingual fonts included with Spark. Support language toggling on interactive interfaces with the Language Button content block.


Launch full-screen previews of layouts in Spark CMS, to experience your interactive and non-interactive designs right in the browser.

Interactive Interfaces

Spark offers powerful content blocks to make layouts touch-compatible, including menu buttons, media controls, media libraries, website browsing, and PDF browsing. Layouts deployed to an interactive screen, such as a kiosk or tablet, will be interactive by default.

Signage Playlists

Spark layouts are popularly deployed as digital signage — in both single-page format (ie. a reception display with moving content) and multi-page playlists (ie. a revolving restaurant menu board). Any layout deployed to a non-interactive screen, such as a standard television, will act as digital signage.



Text is displayed in your layouts through a variety of content blocks: Text, Text Table, Tickertape, social media feeds, charts, and more. Choose from hundreds of web and device-friendly Google Fonts in the content block settings and customize an assortment of styling options.


Spark supports JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF image formats. Content blocks like Image, Background, and Slideshow all play your single or sequenced images.


Within content blocks you can upload your MPEG, MP4, WMV, and MOV video files. You can also add a URL to stream from YouTube or Vimeo, or live streams in TS and M3U8 formats (i.e. digital TV).


MP3, WAV, OGG, and AIF files can be uploaded to play within the Background Audio and interactive Audio Player content blocks.


Spark supports PDF document format. Multi-page PDFs can be set for interactive browsing or automatic transitions between pages.


The Button content block for interactive interfaces — which links to other layout pages, websites, or Android apps — allows you to style the shape, colour, border, and text, or simply override with an image. Better still, every single Spark content block can be turned into a button by assigning it a link.

Animations & Transitions

If pictures say a thousand words, moving pictures say a million. Every content block and page offer a wide range of animations and transitions — such as fades, swipes, and cascades — enabling your layout to catch the eye with stylish moving parts.


Sometimes you just need a circle, square, triangle, or rectangle. To make life easy, these can be created and styled with the Shape content block.



Connect the Facebook content block to your Facebook account, to promote the latest posts with realtime updates and animations.


Assign a Twitter account or designate hashtags, to show the latest respective tweets in the Twitter content block.


Pair an Instagram account or assign hashtags, to broadcast the latest photos in the Instagram content block.


Publish your organization's live public messaging by pairing a Slack account's channel with the realtime Slack content block.


Display realtime RSS feeds with embedded custom styling in the RSS content block.

Google Calendar

Present your Google Calendar in the Calendar content block, highlighting appointments, classes, meetings, and more.

Google Sheets

Populate text and chart content blocks with Google Sheets, making your workflow faster and more automated.

Custom APIs

Integrate your own APIs by defining the key and mapping data within a JSON panel in Spark CMS. APIs can deliver realtime data to Spark content blocks, such as text strings and image files.


OS Support

The Spark Player app — used to run layouts on the player side — is available for Windows 10 and Android 6.0+.

Device Support

The Spark Player app installs on compatible computers — these computers can be embedded in the screen device, such as tablets or smart TVs, or run as external players which plug into monitors and video walls.

Resolution Support

Layouts can be assigned a custom screen resolution down to the pixel, including 4K. Both portrait and landscape displays are supported, with built-in logic to account for monitors turned on their sides.


Spark runs on the Spark Cloud network, offering you unlimited content storage and bandwidth. Enterprise licenses have the option to deploy a Spark Onsite network for local servers.

Spark Player Installation

The Spark Player app can be downloaded to your device here. Once downloaded, install the app and complete registration.

Device Registration

After installation, Spark Player provides a code, to be entered into Spark CMS, which pairs the device to your account and enables it to receive content for playback.

Device Management

The Device Management dashboard in Spark CMS offers a comprehensive set of tools to register, organize, and monitor devices — and to assign layouts.

Device Status & Health Monitoring

Device status can be viewed in realtime from Spark CMS. Features include live screenshots of what's playing, network connection status, layout assignment status, uptime, and issue reports. You can add preferred email addresses to receive realtime notifications.

Layout Publishing

Layouts can be assigned to a device or group of devices. The layout downloads in the background to avoid disruption of the current presentation.


Layouts can be scheduled to switch at set times (down to the minute), using the visual calendar scheduler in Spark CMS. Layouts will go live immediately if unscheduled.


Spark supports playlists within a page (using content blocks), and multi-page playlists (using signage schedules).


Spark is OWASP compliant and uses self-signed RSA keys and SSL web service with JSON web tokens — with over 2048 / 256 bits public & private authentication.

Network Connection

The Spark Player app requires a network connection to the Spark Cloud network or a Spark Onsite network (via WiFi, ethernet, or mobile data) to complete registration, receive content updates, and transmit analytics. If a network connection is unavailable, these tasks will be deferred until the next available connection.

Live Internet Connection

Certain content blocks like YouTube, Facebook, and Weather Forecast rely on a live internet connection to retrieve and display realtime content on your player devices. If the internet connection is lost, the content block will skip to the next item in a playlist sequence or display nothing.

CDN Distribution

Update times for your devices are significantly reduced with Spark's content delivery network (CDN), utilizing nodes distributed around the world.


User Creation

Every account allows the creation of unlimited Spark CMS user profiles, supporting team collaboration without restriction.

User Permissions

Admin users can assign permissions to other users, including access to edit specific content blocks, manage devices, and publish layouts.

Spark CMS Language

Spark CMS is available in English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese.

Account Management

Accounts can be managed from Spark CMS by admin users, including oversight of other users and billing. There is no limitation to the number of users, layouts, content assets, or player devices associated with your account.


It's Yours

You own all of the content you put on the Spark platform, and the code for any data integrations you produce.

No Watermarks

Spark doesn't advertise itself on your layout with watermarks, logos, or banners. Your layout is 100% yours.

Privacy Policy

The individuals on the Spark team value privacy as much as you do, and we stand by our Privacy Policy.

Data Not For Sale

Spark Screens is a profitable company with a simple subscription-based business model. We do not sell your user data.


No Extras Needed

Spark CMS and the Spark Player apps function on a standalone basis, without the need for plugins or third-party service support. We've optimized everything so you don't have to.

Powerful Infrastructure

The Spark platform has been developed from the ground up to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for all design & display requirements. To do so we've engineered an incredibly efficient, reliable, and scalable system architecture built with web and data-optimized code languages and frameworks.


The Spark Cloud network offers automatic load balancing across global nodes, allowing you to publish as much content on as many player devices as you need.


Spark provides unparalleled uptime, and every component of the system services all clients — meaning your account is powered by the same infrastructure running thousands of calls a day.


Same Day Support

While we've worked extra hard to ensure the Spark platform is as intuitive as possible, you can reach out to us by email for same business day support.

Knowledge Centre

The Spark Knowledge Centre offers comprehensive walkthroughs, guides, and videos, detailing every part of the platform's usage.

Live Chat

Spark offers live chat support in Spark CMS between 9am and 5pm EST.

Not Outsourced

All support services are provided by real employees in our offices. Our entire team participates in weekly staff meetings with the mandate to discuss and evolve our overall customer offering.



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